Fly’s Memory (ft. Magic Malik)
Flavio Perrella
SP103 (2022)

“Flavio Perrella and his fellow musicians demonstrate a care for sound and nuance and together produce music which is emotionally rich and inviting”Larry Grenadier

Imaginary Stories
Gabriel Midon
SP102 (2020)

“Sounds like lots of very nice people having a great time playing thoughtful and well-constructed new music together. The composer’s melodic and harmonic language is what unites and ignites these Imaginary Stories, infusing the whole collection with optimism.” Django Bates

Faiz Lamouri
SP101 (2016)

Faïz Lamouri strongly impressed me on this album: a warm and unique sound, a dazzling virtuosity and a stunning sense of improvisation and composition.Alex Dutilh