Matthieu Roffé – Piano
Damien Varaillon – Double bass
Thomas Delor – Drums

The Chamber Metropolitan Trio draws its roots in the classical European musical depth, in the secular traditions of Japan and in jazz.

Through a repertoire of original compositions by Matthieu Roffé, the trio asserts a contrapuntal musical discourse leaving more harmonic and melodic latitudes to the drummer-percussionist and a preponderant way of playing the bow for the bass player.

The trio received the 1st Golden Jazz Trophy Prize in Lille in June 2015 chaired by Archie Shepp and Jean-Claude Casadesus; Awarded in 2016 at the International Competition of Jazz Orchestra (Musical Prize Matmut) and winner of the self-production support of SACEM for his album “Arkhè”.

“Their ability to bounce the melody along the surface of the up-tempo rhythms, using each to accentuate both the melodic and rhythmic components… that’s the kind of conversation tool that grabs hold of the ear and does not let go.” Bird Is The Worm

Albums :
Chamber Metropolitan Trio, « Tempus Fugit » – Inouïe Distribution (2019)
Chamber Metropolitan Trio, « Live » (DVD) – Vocation Records (2017)
Chamber Metropolitan Trio, « Arkhè » – Hybrid’ Music (2015)

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