Thomas Delor – Drums
Simon Martineau – Guitar
Georges Correia – Double Bass

Few drummers assume the role of leader and composer. With rare exceptions, the results often sacrifice the fine details of harmonic and melodic development in favor of complex time signatures and tempo changes: the trio of French musician Thomas Delor, accompanied by Simon Martineau on guitar and Georges Correia on bass, radically breaches the rule.

Thomas Delor managed to make his trio sound as a unique group, with an unusual language, inimitable nuances and a creativity both subtle and explosive at the same time. His compositions, his arrangements and the interpretations follow a similar treatment, identifiable from the first note, based on the exploration of his instrument which seems to be limitless, turning him into a delicate blend of rhythmist melodist colorist.

The trio released in september 2018 “The Swaggerer” (awarded « Album Revelation » by Jazz Magazine, « Album of the year 2018 » by Libération, « Hit » Couleurs Jazz, etc.) then in may 2020 “Silence The 13th” (« 4 stars » by Jazz Magazine, « 4 stars » by Jazz Journal (UK), « Awarded » by Citizen Jazz, awarded « Indispensable » by Paris-Move/Blues Magazine, etc.), both praised by the international press, with the support of the SCPP and produced by the label Fresh Sound New Talent.

“A music perfectly controlled, but alive, full of twists and interactions, which keeps you out of breath till the end.” – Album Revelation Jazz Magazine

Albums :
Thomas Delor, « Silence The 13th » – Fresh Sound New Talent (2020)
Thomas Delor, « The Swaggerer » – Fresh Sound New Talent (2018)

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